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How to Unlock All Features of DDD Pool with an Activation Code

both the cognitive energy and activation models have received a great deal of attention in adhd research. however, there is a lack of direct support for the notion that the executive functions of working memory, planning, and response inhibition are disturbed in adhd. recent studies have shown that adhd children differ in their cognitive performance in tests of the executive functions [ 72, 73 ]. indeed, in some cases the performance of adhd children in tests of executive functions is indistinguishable from that of control children [ 73 ]. however, the majority of studies investigating the cognitive aspects of adhd have shown at least some behavioural differences in adhd children compared to controls [ 72, 74 -76 ]. these studies have shown that adhd children are impaired in tasks involving the executive functions. the fact that adhd children perform well in tasks without requiring executive functions probably reflects the high attentional demands of the tasks. further, a good number of studies have revealed that adhd children are able to compensate for their difficulties in tests of the executive functions by using their cognitive skills to support their performance in the tasks [ 77, 78 ]. this has been shown in tests of attention, memory, and response inhibition. moreover, in tests of response inhibition, the children with adhd seem to be able to suppress their responses and not activate the inhibitory response until they have the opportunity to confirm that they are able to. these results confirm that the theory of limited central activation is largely in line with the evidence concerning adhd. however, it has also been shown that compensatory behaviour in tests of the executive functions may be present in children with normal iq [ 79 ]. in contrast, it has been shown that adhd children also seem to be able to suppress their responses in tasks requiring motor initiation, though they are less able to do so than controls [ 80 ].

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