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Stickman Race: The 3D Game That Will Blow Your Mind

Parkour Race is a 3D running game developed by Madbox. Take control of your stickman and race against the crowd. You can run, dash or jump from rooftop to rooftop! Run over the glowing speed bumpers to gain momentum and do vaults and flips to show off your style. There are daily challenges, power-ups, and even glamorous accessories for you to create a stickman that looks like no other. Take your running game to next level with Parkour Race!

Stickman Moto Race Extreme is a motorcycle driving game with realistic sports bike physics combined with beautiful graphics and sound effects. It conveys the atmosphere of motorcycle racing perfectly. Choose your helmet color and style for your stickman, get on your bike and let's race. Gain maximum speed, jump on trampolines and avoid obstacles. The game has one rule, which is to reach the finish line.Release DateNovember 2022

stickman race


Mod V2 features:Free purchasesStickman Race Destruction mod v1.02 is a thrilling game that allows players to race against each other with stick figures.With the free purchase feature, players can easily access important upgrades and power-ups to enhance their racing experience.The game includes various levels with different difficulties that players can explore and conquer.The easy-to-use controls make it an easy game to play and enjoy.Stickman Race Destruction is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a fun, fast-paced racing game.Download Stickman Race Destruction mod v1.02 now to experience the exciting gameplay for free.

The goal of the game is to collect all the gold coins and jump over the obstacles to win the race. However, the way to go about it is by running, jumping, climbing, swimming, and jumping again. And this is not a one-way street. There are plenty of obstacles to jump over and avoid. You will need to be quick-minded and make the most of every opportunity.

Initially Stickman Race Destruction 2 only gave you one motorcycle. The driving character is a tall stickman guy. Control the car on the road, do somersaults, drift, then crash and everything to watch them bounce, fall, smash. Sometimes encountering large, bulky obstacles, your car will be a victim. The car bounced around a few times, then fell, causing the stickman character to be stunned and hurt. Stronger collisions can cause serious damage to the vehicle, including parts falling out. Just like that you continuously destroy everything that appears on the screen. Go to the finish line of each level, you will be counted the number of destruction points to see how the achievement progressed.

Accumulate more destruction points, you will unlock new vehicles and new tracks. Each vehicle in Stickman Race Destruction 2 has a different way of moving, shape, and destruction. Later, when you get more bulky vehicles, you will see 2 or 3, 4 stickman characters sitting in the car. Every time they encounter difficult obstacles, the car flies up, down, these stickmans also suffer serious acrobatics, tilting in the car, creating a rather funny scene.

To play, double tap the screen to make the stickman jump from one block to another. The first tap makes the stickman roll on the block, and the second tap makes the stickman jump. The stickman jumps on different colored blocks to reach a high score. The game ends when the stickman falls. The stickman rolls and jumps on blocks like an amazing thief.

In Stickman Race 3D, you will experience the most fun and engaging race. Not only can you enjoy the awesome graphics and cool sound effects, but you can also get the experience of competing against other players.

Most runners/walkers who arrive at their first race are surprised to see that most of the participants are average looking people. Sure, there are always a few lean folks on the front line are going for the trophy. Everyone else is there to share the excitement of the event. And to celebrate the moment of finishing.

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